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The Ivy Cafe

Ivy Cafe

I had the pleaseure of being invited to review the Ivy Cafe recently. Little sister to the famous west end haunt, it’s newly opened on the lovely Marylebone Lane serving an all-day menu, dinners and cocktails.

Ivy Cafe

The ambience inside is great. It tips that nice balance of being pretty fancy with its art deco lighting and crisp tablecloths, but still buzzy and relaxed. It was full even on a freezing Monday evening so it was fortunate we could squeeze in. I’m in an aperitif phase right now so started with a delicious concoction of earl grey gin, orange and processo.

Ivy Cafe

There isn’t a huge range of choice for vegetarians, but I was pleased that the offerings were at least much more imaginative than usual. I started with a beautiful white onion soup, dressed with sage and a parmesan-rich cheese straw. The ‘roasted butternut squash with grains’ main course didn’t sound that exciting on paper, but it was a lovely mix of textures from the mix of grains, seeds and soft feta cheese. Pomegranate seeds and harissa-coriander dressing gave a punchy flavour that’s often lacking from veggie restaurant food. Thumbs up.

Ivy Cafe

Also, it was basically a salad so I definitely had room for dessert. The creme brulee was spot on, creamy with the all-important crisp caramel topping.

Ivy Cafe

The website describes the Ivy Cafe as a ‘true neighbourhood restaurant’ and I’m inclined to agree. The food was a really tasty mix of classic but modern, and service was charming. If I was lucky enough to live in its environs I’d probably be popping in all the time for creme brulee and the really good chips. The brunch and all day menus sound pretty great too. Just as well I don’t live nearby, really…

I was a guest of the Ivy Cafe for my dinner.



It was really like seeing two extremes of the States driving from Vegas to Yosemite. The transition from manmade to natural wonder, plus about a 30-degree change in temperature, was pretty crazy.

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Vegas, baby


I’ve been off travellin’ again – on a bit of a US road trip which took in Las Vegas, Yosemite, Carmel and Los Angeles. Vegas was the first stop and in something of a shock to me, I LOVED it and the three days we scheduled to stop there was not enough time to see all it had to offer!

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Underground, overground

St Paul's

Wow, it’s been umm, 3 months? Sorry about that. It’s hard to actually remember what I’ve spent all summer doing – working, sewing, and sleeping probably sums it up – but I’ve been pretty lax in doing stuff and taking my camera out to document it.

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A caper to Cardiff


I spent a very lovely 24 hours in Cardiff with my mum this weekend! Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect from Wales’ capital city but I was pleasantly surprised, and not just by the weather – check that perfect blue sky…

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About the house


It’s been a long time – nearly a year! – since I shared a house update. We were dithering over whether to move for a while, but ended up doing a bit of building work earlier this year (taking down a wall in the hallway to the back door, opening up my spare/study/sewing/guest room into a bigger room) which has made the whole flat work a lot better. (Well, I have more space, so no longer have itchy feet.)

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Brooklyn Diary

Brooklyn June '15

We were back in New York City for a little holiday last week. We had such a good time on our last trip that we basically booked almost the exact same trip to do it all again. We got an Airbnb a few streets down, re-hit some favourite spots, did the same old walk-eat-shop daily schedule. I didn’t take many photos (lots of Instagrams though) but here are a few snippets.

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Making cheese at Wilde’s

On just your typical Tuesday, trudging up to Tottenham on a gale-force rainy evening to make some cheese on an industrial estate! In fact we were there to take a mozzarella-making class with the lovely chaps of Wilde’s Cheese – in their own words, ‘a small award winning independent artisan cheese making company based on an industrial estate in Tottenham, North London.’

Wilde's cheese

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Slow food: dal and pizza

I’ve got a bit into slow food lately – by which I mean that plan-ahead variety of cooking that requires soaking, simmering, fermenting and proving for days on end. Yeah, you need to think about what you might want to eat several days from now instead of right now, but there’s such a satisfaction when you get to eat something that’s been so long coming!

The first thing I tried was a dal makhani, after visiting Dishoom again and being reminded how insanely good their version is. After a brief Twitter discussion trying to persuade them to give up their recipe and/or let me stockpile ten tupperwares’ worth for my freezer, I turned to Google for some recipes. I picked this one because it especially mentioned Dishoom in the write-up and I figure that if any recipe takes 4 days it has to be bloody amazing by the end of it…


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The Life and Death of Paul Marrane

A door in a wall

On the rather soggy bank holiday Monday I was invited to take a trip into the world of A Door in a Wall, who put on immersive, interactive games set in real-world locations. Their latest production, The Life and Death of Paul Marrane, has just opened so I assembled a crack adventure team (um, my boyfriend and sister) and headed down to Poplar to check it out.

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