Off to Brussels tomorrow until Saturday. Being the organised/bored at work type, I made a cute Google map of all the places we want to hit. If you’ve visited, please feel free to suggest other places to me. I’m mostly looking forward the Belgian fries, picking up some truffles (both the chocolate and fungi varieties), and seeing some nice Art Nouveau architecture.

Photos and stories on my return..

2 thoughts on “Brussels

  1. Oooh, I went to Brussels last year for the weekend – it was so good! You should defintely try a Belgian waffle – they are AMAZING. We went to the Grand Place/Groet Markt which had some beautiful buildings, and the Manneken Pis is just across the road. Have fun! x

  2. I highly, highly suggest taking the train one city over (if you have enough time) to Antwerpen. If you love fashion and love the convenience of a big city feel within a walkable distance… you will love it here! Also if you are into graffiti, there is a wonderful ‘park-like’ setting. If you go, tell the giant I said “hello, and i miss you”!

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