Travelling Moleskine

Travelling moleskine
I was recently asked by The Culture Vulture (a rather excellent website promoting cultual goings-on in Yorkshire) to take part in their Travelling Moleskine project. The concept is pretty simple: they send out dozens of Moleskine sketchbooks each with a theme, which the recipient then has to fill a page in, and pass on to another doodler. Then at the end they all get returned and there’s a big exhibition of all the finished books in October. Lovely idea which I was very happy to be involved with. I received the ‘Crafty’ themed book rather appropriately, and here’s what I did on my page.

My page in the Travelling moleskine

My page in the Travelling moleskine

My page in the Travelling moleskine
As you can see, I decided to try out some paper embroidery. As I’d never done it before, it could easily have messed up the whole book right from the start but luckily it turned out pretty well.

I found the quotation (if you can’t read it, it says ‘The lyfe so short, the craft so long to lerne’) online somewhere, it’s attributed to Chaucer but I found it appropriate to me too – so many crafts, so little time to learn and practice. It appeals to my graphic designer side as well; the typography style is influenced by my hero, Herb Lubalin.

Some bits came out a little squiffy but overall I’m happy with how my page turned out. It feels lovely and tactile from the raised stitches.

Now to find someone to pass the book onto…!

More photos including work in progress on my Flickr.

21 thoughts on “Travelling Moleskine

  1. This is really beautiful! Hope I'm going to be able to come up with something as good for my travelling moleskine…

  2. It is beautiful, thank you for being so brave! Everyone is experiencing the horrors of the perfect first page of a virgin moleskine!
    Lots of love

  3. Beautiful! (I hope the next person to receive it isn't as intimidated as I would be by seeing such a perfect thing on the first page!)

  4. Awesome idea! Very creative! I'd never have thought to do something like that with a moleskine, but then again, I'm not much into stitching anyway. Heh.

  5. Wow… I love seeing projects like that, but I have never found one that is open… I guess I just have to keep my eyes open.

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  8. I found this via MrXStitch, and can I just say – where have you been all my life? I love your idea and execution beyond words.

  9. Your embroidery is lovely! And the quote so true! I myself am totally overwhelmed by my desires: sewing, drawing, embroidery, photography, and so many others!!!! I need two or three lives at least! :)

    Lovely blog, I'll follow…

  10. I'd be so honoured if you passed it onto me!!! I'm a graphic designer living in Venice, California and could see myself treating a page to some lovely lettraset!!

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