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DIY Fringed Sweater & What I Wore

DIY fringed top
All the London Fashion Week chatter must have seeped into my brain a bit this week. First off, inspired by all the gothy textured looks seen on the catwalk and on the high street, I made this fringed top for autumn. As you can plainly see, it’s just made from a basic top from H&M, some loop fringing from ebay and about half an hour of hand-sewing. Simple, cheap and effective.

DIY fringed top

Secondly, I’ve taken tentative baby steps into drawing again by doing some What I Wore Today contributions for Gemma‘s Flickr group. I’m going to aim to do one at least every other day; hopefully I will improve with the practice and find a nice drawing style of my own.

WIWT sept 26th

WIWT sept 27th



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  1. warriorgrrl

    Gorgeous top and drawings! Can I ask what materials you used for the pictures? I'm starting to get going on some sketching myself and I love the colour effect you got on these.

  2. James

    If you need any encouragement to keep drawing, go see the Marescal exhibition at the Design Museum (again perhaps?). I absolutely love him. Everything begins with drawing.

  3. Huma

    These are all lovely… and I'm loving your blog pages. Check your emails, I'd love to talk freelance-shop with you – I need a website!

  4. katie

    Hi warriorgrrl, I drew with ink pen on paper then scanned and used Photoshop to colour them.. what a cheat!

  5. warriorgrrl

    I don't think that counts as cheating! It gives a lovely effect :0

  6. Building Materials Supplies

    DIY Fringed Sweater & What I Wore

    Thats a great sweater

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