Olympus OM-10

Old Olympuses (Olympi?)
Since I got my Olympus E-P1, I’ve been trying to actually learn how to use it properly, and I thought a good way to learn would be to get an old SLR and learn everything the old-skool way. To that end I bought an 1980s Olympus OM10 (only £10 on eBay), and have been steadily amassing a small collection of lenses to play with. The bonus is all the lenses can also be used on my E-P1 with an adapter so it’s a pretty cost-effective way of trying some new things out.

Here are some snaps from my first two rolls with the OM10:


These are from the Maker Difference Pop-up Letterpress Studio in Carnaby. They have a real old-skool letterpress setup going on, and were also running workshops (sadly they filled up before I could book).

Screen on the Green
My local cinema – I love how retro it looks, and it’s lovely and plush inside, too.

Borough Market - veg

Borough Market - cheez

Borough Market - olives
Some snaps from the always-photogenic Borough Market

OM-10: Clissold Park
Clissold Park up in my old neck of the woods, Stoke Newington. Definitely turning to autumn by the look of the leaves.

OM-10: sofa
Sofa outside a junk shop on Brick Lane

Finally here are a couple of pics from the E-P1 with an old Olympus 50mm f1.8 lens. I like this lens so much it’s become my default. I like how it makes the digital photos look more filmic, and it’s very good for indoors low-light shots.

poised to pounce

Yoni macro