Japan travelog

Roppongi night

I’m back from Japan! It was – as expected – totally amazing. I’m still on comedown. It’s a bit overwhelming thinking of all the things we saw and did, but luckily I wrote a daily travelog out there to remind myself. I’ve just cobbled it all together into a website, so click onto katiedoesjapan09.blogspot.com if you want to have a look.

Japan travelog

I’m also slowly adding all my photos to Flickr – there are a LOT of them and I still have ten rolls of film to develop, too. I’m so happy with my E-P1, I love how all my digital photos turned out.

7 thoughts on “Japan travelog

  1. Love the travel blog, what a good idea and must have taken you ages! good work though, will be very useful to others wanting to plan their trip and get inspiration. i love reading travel blogs so i have enjoyed it all muchly. Hannah x

  2. P.S…. I am wondering… you bought lots of stuff in japan, was it cheaper than here? were the clothes better value or about the same? cheers :) x

  3. Hi Hannah, glad you like the site! Prices are similar to UK in general, there are cheaper stores and more expensive ones – Japanese chain stores like Muji and Uniqlo are a bit cheaper, so I did some stocking up!

  4. Wow. Loving your blog. And the Japan pics! I've just finished a Murakami book which always leaves me GAGGING to go. Maybe next year.Your Japan blog will be really useful. Thanks!

    [Btw – we seem to be blog twins. I'm a PM at a design agency on Charlotte Rd and live in N. London – Tufnell Park! – London bloggers unite! ('cept your blog is about a trillion times nicer than mine. I need to stop thinking iPhone pics are acceptable.) OH, and is Mr Waterfall still at Poke? My old flatmate was good mates with him.]

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