Marina and the Diamonds photos

November 20th 2009

I blogged about Marina and the Diamonds back in June and I finally managed to see her live on Wednesday night. She’s a fantastically charismatic performer with a gorgeous voice, and I reckon she’ll become massive next year.

I was also excited to try taking some ‘proper’ gig photos – well, slightly less amateurish than my usual attempts anyway – so I got a good spot at the front (next to Marina’s mum and dad!) and gave the E-P1 a go with my 50mm OM lens. I’m really happy with the results, except the lens’s crop factor made them just a little too tightly-framed.

Marina & the Diamonds

Marina & the Diamonds

Marina & the Diamonds

Marina & the Diamonds

Here’s a video of ‘I Am Not a Robot’:

Listen to Marina on her Myspace page or this handy music-streaming-box. Her album’s out sometime early next year.

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  • Hannah

    November 21st 2009 at 2:46 am

    Wow your photos are awesome!! I'd love to take some nice gig pics like that.. and thanks for introducing me to some good new music! :D

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