OM10 and Diana+ in Japan

Here are yet more Japan photos, from my old Olympus OM10 camera. It’s so exciting getting old-skool films back in the post, and it brought back all the good memories of the trip looking through them.

Deer in Nara
Temples in Nara
I was a bit distraught to find 2 of my 7 films had somehow got jammed and not advanced properly between shots, so I have 24 images all multi-exposed in one frame. I’m trying to pick out all the would-be images from the jumble…

24 photos in one frame
24 photos in one frame

And here are a few from the Diana+. After all the precise metering and focussing of the OM10 I found Diana a bit frustratingly unpredictable and uncontrollable, but I still like these shots. I’ve put the prints into a little album I bought in Tokyo as a nice alternative memorial of the trip.

Diana+ JPN Diana+ JPN
Diana+ JPN Diana+ JPN
Diana+ JPN Diana+ JPN

Lots more on Flickr.

7 thoughts on “OM10 and Diana+ in Japan

  1. Love them, well done!! I've got a Diana too but I don't use it much as I should – bad me.

    A Question….You must have got your films scanned at all the airports! Does it not wipe the films then? I am always a bit wary of this?


  2. hey Hannah, I did some research and apparently some of the hold luggage x-rays CAN damage film, but carry-on baggage is ok – so i took all my films in my hand baggage.

  3. Hi Katie. I found your Buttony Sweater on Ravelry and knitted it for a friend. Your pattern is great and I have just started to knit another one. So first of all I wanted to say thanks a lot !

    I translated the explanations in French. Is that a problem for you if I publish this translation on my blog ? If you'd rather not, that's not a problem, just let me know.

    Sorry to write here, I know it's not really appropriate, but your mail box seems to be full ! Feel free to delete this message if you like. And I'll check here to see if you answered me. Anb by the way, your photos are great !

  4. Great pics – we've just processed four rolls of Diana film and stuffed the whole lot up! Think we had it on the wrong setting. Such a shame.

    Beautiful photos here. xx

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