Japanese cooking class

Ever since getting back from Japan, one of the (many) things I’ve been pining for is the food. Simple, light, fresh and nearly always delicious, it’s a fantastic cuisine. I’ve read two books on it in quick succession and have attempted a few dishes using tofu and miso paste. The results have been nice and tasty – with the bonus of being very quick to prepare – but probably not very authentic.

crispy miso tofu

Luckily Josh bought me a course of 5 Japanese cooking classes at Atsuko’s Kitchen for my birthday, so I could learn how to do it properly. The first class was last night and it was so much fun.
Japanese cooking class
It’s held in the lovely Grocery store in Dalston and taught by Atsuko, who has travelled all over the world teaching classes. Her enthusiasm really came through as she talked through all the ingredients and processes at the basis of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cooking class
Guess which are Atsuko’s egg rolls and which are the students’ attempt!

She expertly showed us how to make sticky rice, miso soup, egg rolls and wakame-sesame salad – and we got to have a go ourselves – then we sat down to a delicious meal of the results at the end of the class.
Japanese cooking class
Finally we made a rice ball each to take home in our bento boxes. I can’t wait for the next class.
Japanese cooking class

14 thoughts on “Japanese cooking class

  1. This is such a great idea, when I move to London I might try and book on that course :) You look like you did pretty well too :)

  2. Hi,I'm Rie Japanese girl living in London.
    I really like visiting your blog since i found out.
    I feel Happy when i see your work. and I also Happy that I knew your interested in Japanese cook!!
    so I wanna tell you the Japanese cafe which sells real Japanese home cooking!! There are a few of my favorite foods as same as my mam made at family dinner!!
    It's "Cha no Ma" in Baker street station just next to the Pizza Express.
    hope you like Japanese food more!!
    Thank you!!

  3. Hey Katie

    Not sure if you've ever tried Okonomayaki but Abeno in Museum Street is great. Highly recommend the Tokyo Mix and wash it down with Calpico. :-)


  4. That looks amazing. I love Japanese food but have never tried cooking Japanese, unless stir fry counts. Must have a look out for lessons like this in Bristol.

  5. Japanese food is one of the finest I have ever found. We hope one day you can come to our place to offer some teaching in Japanese cooking.

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