What Katie Eats

Mushroom Wellington
I go through phases with cooking.. sometimes it’s a dull chore when I get in from work, I’m uninspired as to what to cook and usually end up with packet pasta with jarred pesto. But at the moment I’m finding it really fun and exciting. I signed up to the BBC Good Food site which has loads of great recipes and lets you add your favourite ones to a folder so you can check it for quick inspiration. You can also search by ingredient which is great if you have some random things in the house and can’t be bothered going out. For the mushroom Wellington (above), I only had to buy in the field mushrooms, everything else was in the storecupboard or freezer, and it tasted great.

what katie eats
I just started a tumblr site of my more successful cooking adventures (along with a few nice meals out), mostly to serve as a reminder to myself for the next time I’m feeling uninspired. Check it out here.

I’m also really excited because tonight I start the Japanese cooking classes that Josh bought me for my birthday. Big post on Japanese food – with a review of my class I’m sure – coming later this week!