Ask me anything…

I’ve been a bit slack with the old blogging lately – too wrapped up in my newest hobby, Japanese cooking! Remember to check out my foodie blog if you’re interested to see what I’ve been making, and I also update my tumblr almost daily with pretty images and things. I’ve also just started work on a fairly major blog redesign…

Until then I thought I’d set up this formspring account that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. It’s basically an anonymous survey site so feel free to ask me anything – but be nice :)

2 thoughts on “Ask me anything…”

  1. Hi there. The foodie blog doesn't have comments so I thought I'd ask here if there was a particular cookbook you'd recommend for someone wanting to try japanese vegetarian cooking. Love the pics!

  2. Hi Christopher – I'd definitely recommend The Enlightened Kitchen – it's all vegetarian but the recipes are simple and easy – it's written by the lady who taught my cooking teacher how to cook! Also I think a must-read is A Simple Art which throughly talks through all the ingredients and techniques as well as having a recipe section. Dashi and Umami is on my wishlist too.

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