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March 30th 2010katie

Nicky (she of sock-monster-making fame) and I were emailing back and forth last week with a plethora of cool footwear – thought I’d share some of them. The ones above are my favourites from my personal collection, from a Tokyo store called Mighty Soxer (sadly not available online or over here). They even have a cat tail printed on the sole ^_^

Love these bright geometric designs from the appropriately-named Happy Socks.

Owl-, sushi- and moustache-print from Sock it to me. They also have a rolling sock-design competition where you can submit your designs and the best ones get printed – awesome, no?

If full-on Japanese cutesy is your style, check out the selection at Artbox – a bargainous £2 a pair (£5 for three in their Covent Garden store). The closest I’ve found to the wondrous Mighty Soxer over here.

Any other favourites, footwear fans?

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