Pokexhibition: Bantjes-inspired embroidery

Last night Poke held the opening of our inaugural Pokexhibition – a rare glimpse into what Pokers get up to when they aren’t crafting web-type things on computers. We’re a diverse herd of makers with fine artists, monster makers and model boat builders in our midst so it was always going to be an interesting show.

Here’s just a small sampling of the work – Emma’s Catalan music video prop, Mike’s awesome steampunk tank, Nicky’s sock monster and Greg and Marc’s legendary Lomowall.

I made this embroidery piece for the show. It’s sort of a follow on from my Lubalin-inspired paper stitchery, but this time I used Marian Bantjes‘ beatiful typeface Restraint as my basis. It was loads of fun building the pattern up from the ornamental font pieces – a bit less fun actually stitching all those loops and curves! The font actually reminds me a bit of cross-stitch with its grid formation and cross-shaped sections.

I mucked up quite a few times because it was hard to trace white lines on the black fabric and I was rushing to get it done over the long weekend. But I actually quite like the effect of taking such a precise, exacting design and roughing it up a bit, making it more human and tactile. Here’s the original design:

Read more about Pokexhibition on the Poke blog, and there’s some more photos on my Flickr.

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