Pyrite jewellery rocks (ahem)

I’ve been fascinated by pyrite – also known as fool’s gold – since I was a child, because my parents always had two big chunks of it on display in a cabinet and I loved the shinyness of the faceted surfaces versus the dull charcoal grey of the plain rock. Wikipedia tells me that despite its fairly useless-sounding epithet it’s a pretty useful substance, being used historically as firearm ignition, a radio-wave detector, and set in silver to make Victorian jewellery.

I love these rather more modern uses of the rock in its natural state as a statement necklace charm – all found on Etsy.

Triple Faceted Meteor Necklace

Riley Necklace – pyrite nuggets and oxidized sterling silver

Pyrite crystal necklace
– I bought this one! But the seller has more similar items.

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