6 items or less

I found 6itemsorless via Gemma and the idea quite intrigued me – participants must wear only 6 items of basic clothing (excluding undies, sportswear and outerwear) for a month. The site itself doesn’t operate on any kind of premise but I think this would be a good experiment to really evaluate our clothing choices, not be led by trends, and go for quality flexible basics that will last.

It made me think what I’d pick if I were to take part, and I came up with the following.

Grey leggings – American Apparel
I live in leggings – perfect if you’re sitting down all day, no nasty jeans waistband digging in, and good for cycling in too. A mid-grey like this could be worn with a dark or light top half and they could be worn calf- or full-length.

Charcoal longline vest – H&M
I wear a vest like this nearly every day, layered with another tee or vest. Again this would be a base for adding some interest with accessories.

White tee – H&M
Essential for layering and a blank canvas for all sorts of accessories.

Pink-marl jersey dress – American Apparel
I wear this all the time – it’s comfortable and adaptable, and you could create loads of looks with different tights and jewellery. I have it in black too, but I think you’d need a bit of colour in your month!

Indigo jeggings, Topshop
A bit smarter than leggings but still with all-important comfort factor, these could also be worn rolled up if it’s warm.

Dusty blue cardigan, Topshop
This colour goes with everything and it’s the perfect mid-weight for changeable weather.

You can tell by this list I value comfort over anything else, don’t really go anywhere smart and fortunately don’t have to dress up for work! I’d find it a lot harder if I had to consider going-out clothes, or a holiday wardrobe. What would you pick if you could only wear 6 things for a month?

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