Curbly: DIY Hardware Store Decor

I discovered Curbly via Apartment Therapy – it’s a DIY community with emphasis on the homemade and vintage side of homewares of which I’m so fond. As well as an active user community and excellent blog, they produce publications which come as both physical books and handy PDF-download e-books. In the past these have included guides to Mid-century Furniture and Second-hand Chic, and the newest one is called Hardware Store Decor.

The premise is DIY projects for the home using simple items you can pick up at any hardware store. There’s 12 projects in total, ranging from a copper piping magazine rack to a modern exposed bulb chandelier. The projects are photographed beautifully and you would never guess that most of them are made from hardware store bits and bobs.

I think the first project I would tackle would be this illuminated letter sign, which makes innovative use of fairy lights and doesn’t look too tricky. I also love the sleekly industrial look of this desk, made with galvanised pipe and hardboard, and this steel-and-plywood sideboard.

Happily for a complete DIY amateur like me, the projects are not too challenging and very well explained – though there are more advanced projects that tinker in things like electrics and welding if you’re feeling brave. The book is American but most of the items have a UK counterpart, if differently named. Now where are my jigsaw and glue gun?

Hardware Store Decor is released on Monday and you can buy the PDF or physical book here.

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