New house

I’ve been cagey about talking about this until now in case anything went wrong, but now we’re exchanged it’s pretty set in stone – we’re completing purchase of our new house in 3 weeks’ time! Apart from a few blips along the way (a defunct environmental issue and having to get extra permission to keep our cat) it’s been a pretty smooth buying process.

It’s a 3 bed ground-floor flat just a little further north than we currently are. Decor-wise it’s pretty much an empty shell so I’m really looking forward to getting in there decorating and doing it up. I have quite a lot of ideas on my home inspiration tumblr to filter through!

The kitchen is a delightfully orange shade of pine – we plan to paint the units and replace the handles as a temporary fix, and replace it later when we’ve saved up a bit.

And it even has a little courtyard garden – also needs a bit of work, but just right for a small veg/herb patch.

Of course I’ll be documenting the whole renovation process and doing photo before-and-afters, either here or on a spin-off blog.

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