Handmade gifts

I realised with a bit of a shock the other day that my next paycheck has to stretch to both finish the house renovation (Phase One, anyway) and buy all my Christmas presents. Eeek! So I’ve decided to make a lot of cheap thoughtful gifts for my friends and family. Here are some ideas I’ve found.

Teacup candles
Photo: Emma McCleary
Teacup candles. I’ve long wanted to try these as they are so simple yet effective. I have some vintage shot glasses hanging around that I think will make pretty cool holders, too.

Ready-to-bake cookie mix jar, spotted on Bakerella. Isn’t this sweet? I’d certainly use this if someone gave it to me and I can design sweet custom labels for them, too.

crochet flower brooches
Photo: craftapalooza
I might even try to get over my crochet-phobia again and make some flower brooches.

Any other ideas for sweet homemade gifts – especially for men?!

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