I’ve never particularly been one for collecting things in the past. Not to say I wasn’t a hoarder: I’d tend to buy pretty things indiscriminately, fall out of love with them over time, then have a mass purge of accumulated stuff in a fit of spring cleaning. But I’m learning how a carefully edited and curated collection of similar items can be a joy to find and display at home.

My room

My first collection combines my primary loves of cats and ephemera – I’ve started keeping a beady eye out for old postcards, ads and postage stamps with kitties on for my ever-expanding wall of joy.

Cat stamps

I picked up these new additions at the Sunday collectors’ market at Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon. I wasn’t expecting much of that market, down at Cais do Sodre on the riverbanks, but it had a few star stalls of bargainous stamps as well as coins, postcards and some other bits and pieces. (It’s also next door to a lovely deli and coffee shop.) All those stamps cost me 3 euros and they will look great framed up on my wall.

My other new things is ceramic owls. I just bought these guys from Etsy sellers eeksten and BrightWallVintage, aren’t they sweet? Etsy is a great place to go looking for collectibles, especially when you can pick up an ‘instant collection’ to get you started like the lot of wall-hung owls above. The black fella was handcrafted in Mexico, I couldn’t resist his sweet little face.

Do you collect anything? Where do you go looking and how do you display it in your home?

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9 thoughts on “Collections

  1. postcards are my one weakness, someday I hope I will too have somewhere to display them.

    I really am fond of the kitty stamps too.

  2. I collect vintage cakes stands. I have them dotted around everywhere, even the bathroom. They look lovely piled high with decorative soaps.

    I love your cat collection. The stamps look so great framed up like that.

    Katie xox

  3. The framed cat stamps look brilliant!

    I used to collect stamps and 'foreign' coins as a child, and still have both collections. I no longer collect stamps and the Euro has made collecting coins less exciting!

    There isn't anything I collect as such anymore. People tend to buy me Russian or polar bear themed items, though!

  4. I collect snowglobes from all the places I've visited! They sit in little groups on various surfaces and always make me smile!

  5. when i was a kid i collected owls too! i had over 150 of them in my room, mainly in a little display thing, like a big picture frame split into little boxes that hung on my wall. had some lovely ones. no idea what happened to them…

  6. Love the owls! There seems to be so many nice owl motif things around at the moment, it's great. I don't have any collections as such but one of my prized possessions is a kitsh powder blue swan planter with a gold beak that I'd really like to expand on.

  7. What a gorgeous collection of art, I'm so jealous of your owly collections and I love your illustration work by the way, inspiring!

  8. I saw your post in my google analytics. I LOVE that the black owl has such a happy home. Thanks again! Those cat stamps are amazing.

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