Lisbon – eats and drinks

Lisbon: coffee & pastel

A daily dose of café and pastel de nata. Coffee in Lisbon is seemingly either this fluffy chocoloatey sundae-looking affair or a small, strong espresso. The best custard tart was of course from the famous Pastéis de Belém – eaten on the street from its paper bag, slightly warm.

Petiscaria Ideal
Petiscaria Ideal

Portoguese tapas at Petiscaria Ideal: aubergine bruschetta, mushroom and truffle scrambled eggs and fried sweet potatoes. Yum, yum. Add a charming, friendly waiter and a buzzy atmosphere (the place filled right up after I took the photo above) and this was a lovely birthday meal.

Drinks that came with a free bowl of popcorn(!) at Mahjong bar in Bairro Alto. Check out the cabbage shaped light shades – great mojito, too.

Pavilhão Chinês
Pavilhão ChinêsPavilhão Chinês

Crazy bar called Pavilhão Chinês near our hotel, stuffed full of the owner’s collections of — well, everything really — and a drinks list the size of a small novel. It felt like how I’d imagine a plush gentleman’s club with its leather chairs, military memorabilia and red-waistcoated waiters.

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