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Lisbon tiles

Lisbon was a visual treat for a pattern field like me. Every other building in the compact, hilly city centre is covered in gorgeous tiles in every shade and motif combo – even the pavements are cobbled in intricate designs.

Lisbon tiles
Lisbon tiles
Lisbon tiles
Lisbon tiles
Lisbon tiles
Lisbon tiles
Lisbon tiles

I even picked up a couple from the flea market to bring home, which will become coasters or pot holders.

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  1. fashionrecruit

    Wow, these are amazing photographs! You're making me want to go off travelling now! I love that there are so many different variations of these tiles and it's great you got some at the flea market to remind you of your trip!


  2. lizzie

    such a beautiful city…love the patterns. that's one of my favorite things about traveling to europe is the texture…we don't have a TON of texture here in the states…

  3. Frances

    You've brought back many happy – and colourful – memories of my trip to Lisbon a couple of years ago. Just lovely!

  4. Sarah

    I'n swooning…. really can't wait to go!

  5. andrea

    I got obsessed with tiles when I visited Lisbon too AND we took photos of some of the same ones! great minds, huh?

  6. Katy

    Really stunning photos Katie! Lisbon looks an amazing city, one which I'd never considered before – it will now be added to 'the list'! :)

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