New kitchen

New kitchen

Our lovely new kitchen/dining/living room is all finished. Well, not quite finished — some little touches still to do — but I thought I’d better take pictures now as it’ll never look this clean and tidy again!

Here’s the obligatory ‘before’: one long room with lots of orange-veneered chipboard and boring whitewashed walls. Besides from being ugly, the kitchen didn’t have nearly enough storage space and there was nowhere logical to put a dining area.

And after!

New kitchen
New kitchen
New kitchen
The most obvious difference is we’ve zoned the room into cooking and living, split using the breakfast bar with overhanging pendant lights. This makes the two rooms work much better, giving us somewhere to eat and more vital storage space.

New kitchen
I love the clever pull-out and whirl-around cupboard inserts from Ikea – perfect for spices and baking ingredients. It’s so nice having enough space for everything to have a proper home; it makes cooking – and cleaning up – much easier and more fun.

New kitchen
New kitchen
Dualit toaster & kettle and Ikea storage canisters.

New kitchen
A bit of dressing: my old Ikea chalkboard, vintage crate labels framed up and a Pop Chart Lab print. Still have to make a Roman blind for the window and get some herb plants for the vintage wooden boxes.

Living room
Living room
In the living room end, we’ve rejigged the layout to make the furniture work better, with the sofa behind the brekky bar. We still want to put up some shelves either side of the fireplace but can’t quite decide what kind.

Living room
telephone table
Living room
All in all it took just under two weeks of builder work, which was difficult but not unbearable – lots of takeaways and microwave meals! Here’s a list of all the kitchen suppliers:
Units/doors Ikea Faktum
Worktops Iroko wood from
Wall tiles Quicksilver mosaics from
Oven, hob and extractor Samsung
Sink Franke
Floor tiles Wickes
Pendant lights Garden Trading
Stools Habitat

A few more photos on Flickr.

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37 thoughts on “New kitchen

  1. Wow! I am extremely inspired by these before and afters. Ours is much as your before with a lot more clutter and I'm desperate to sort it out. Did you do it yourselves or could you recommend the fitter, as I now realise you are a local lass!?
    Your place looks fab, well done!

  2. How lovely, great transformation Katie, well done! I love the tiling and the lights especially. Also always good to get a couple of cat snaps in there too! Happy cooking!x

  3. Oh that's lovely!!!! The grey tiles are very nice, and I love all the colours (esp the Habitat sofa….swoon…and vintage chairs). I like the fabric of the cushions too, where did you get that?

    Fab transformation

  4. Jeez, this is amazing! You really do have a good eye for potential, I never would've known what to do with that!

  5. Absolutely stunning. I really love the tiling in the kitchen – are they individual tiles?

    The photography is also great; it reminds me of an Apartment Therapy house tour! I really ought to finish the photos from our kitchen makeover last summer. I envy the 2 week turnaround; we were out of action for more like 2 months!

    Now time to get on with enjoying the space!

  6. It's just gorgeous. I love the kitchen tile – it looks like slate – is it? Did you anguish at all about removing the hardwood? Either way, good job!

  7. wow, you've really made the space work for you and your pretty details finish it off perfectly. Am sure you're going to love making the most of your new space. V x

  8. Woaaah! Looks like it's come straight out of an interior design mag/blog :D Very nice, and it looks like Yoni is enjoying the breakfast bar! x

  9. Thanks all –

    @Helen our builder was a friend's dad, but he's based out in Essex usually

    @Midcenturylass I bought the fabric in Tokyo! Try Etsy for similar.

    @Anon We eat the breakfast bar – still not an area as such…

    @K the tiles are on a mesh backing, about 5×10 per sheet. Apparently they are a nightmare to lay but i think they look awesome.

    @Flooring Pro it's fake ceramic slate. The hardwood floors are still underneath, protected with a layer of plywood!

  10. So so jealous. Seriously. I am going to STEAL YOUR KITCHEN.
    Yoni is so ridiculously cute – where did his cat tree come from? I want one for Morry (he ate part of his small one…)

  11. Hi Katie,

    I am planning to get a new worktop for my kitchen. Please could ypu tell me what kind of wood is in your lovely kitchen?

    Thanks Rana

  12. I just want to dive into those pictures- your kitchen/living room look so inviting and liveable, I could move in right now and be quite happy!

  13. I love this… but am scared by how identitcal it is to our kitchen!! We have the same units, doors, handles, oven… even kettle!!! Looks great. :D

  14. Katie,

    I'm sorry you are getting such rude comments, the new kitchen is gorgeous (especially the tiles).

    I've been following your blog for a very long time and I love everything you write about.

    I only hope my own home will look as gorgeous as yours does now!

    Phae xx

  15. Hi Katie,
    I just discovered your blog, and it's great! very inspiring. I have to ask, where did you find all these gorgeous pictures you have at home?


  16. Hi Maya, I find them all over the place – Etsy, antiques markets, galleries.. Maybe I'll do a blog post on art!

  17. Love the backsplash and countertops. I’m wondering about your counters, which appear to be butcher block. How is that around the sink? Also, where is your fridge?

    1. Hi Terri, it’s a custom cut wooden worktop with a hole cut for the sink to, um, sink into. The join is pretty secure and I haven’t noticed any rot/warping. The fridge/freezer is in the tall unit at the end.

  18. Hey , just found your website and I love ur kitchens! Can I ask about your fireplace? Did you get it reinstalled? What is your mantel piece?

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