Cats with thumbs

First Ikea, now Cravendale.. seems a lot of brands are hopping on the cat bandwagon to sell their products nowaways. It’s certainly a smart idea — the viral potential, piggybacking off the LOLcats phenomenon, is huge. And here I am suckered in, writing about it too..

…But this campaign is just brilliantly executed. The ad is genuinely LOL-funny and gets better with more views. The main character, scheming polydactyl evil genius Bertrum Thumbcat, has been given Facebook and Twitter profiles, which are regularly updated and interactive with spot-on copy writing (good work, whoever the ‘voice of Betrum’ might be) and lovely photography.

It’s on-brand and product-focussed without being in your face, and lots of time has obviously been spent on seeding: they dropped this video a couple of weeks ago which got the ball rolling for interest in polydactyl cats, receiving 1.5 million views and lots of news coverage. Bertum’s profiles online were also built up pre-launch, including personalised seeding to other cat blogs.

Is it manipulative, playing on our love (and/or trepidation) of our potentially world-dominating furry friends? Perhaps. But both as a consumer and an ‘industry insider’, it’s a winner for me. Great work, W+K London!

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6 thoughts on “Cats with thumbs

  1. Oh my lord! I watched this commercial 4 times last night. I posted it on Facebook and now I will watch it some more from your blog. I *love* it. I like to think that if my kitty had thumbs he would knit me a sweater…not attack me for milk!

  2. Really nicely put, I like your insight into the ad itself :) I can't resist a cute 'LOL' cat either so I'm afraid they suckered me in as well! But then again, at least it's not for McDonald's or something equally soul destroying! :D

  3. These cats scare me! I think I'll miss the last Cravendale campaign with the Town Called Panic animation as I thought that was really funny..

  4. It's a gift to cat lovers, cant help thinking we'll totally ignore the milk and the brand, the cats have totally and utterly upstaged it!

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