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Ghost signs & folk type

I love spotting a nice bit of typography on the street, whether it be freshly hand-painted signage, some battered decaying advertisement, or a vintage relic ‘ghost sign’ sprawled over the side of a building. i’ll always snap a photo if I have my camera on me. Here’s a few I’ve spotted around where I live and work – I’ve geo-located them all on Flickr if you’d like to go spot them yourself.

ghost sign
walking in Hackney
ghost sign
walking in Hackney

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  1. loveaudrey

    I love these, I'd happily frame them and hang on them a wall somewhere. Make me a little homesick for London though :(

  2. Susan

    I'm always on the hunt…these are great! Our little town does have quite a few…

  3. Daisy Fay

    'Ghost signs', brilliant, love the phrase!

  4. Sam Roberts

    Stoke Newington is where it started for me and that led to the Ghostsigns Project:

  5. Little Lj

    I love ghost signs, I used to do this all the time in New York!

  6. jamie-lee

    those are things that I hardly ever seem to notice, but now that it's been pointed out to me I'm sure I'll notice all sorts of typography everywhere

  7. Farmgirl Susan

    I love all of these signs! Especially the first one with the rather ironic juxtaposition of the satellite dishes and the last one on that beautiful brick wall. What a great collection of photos. Thank you for taking them! :)

  8. Krista from Passport Delicious

    The building on Great Eastern Street always makes me so sad. It has lovely bones but it so derelict! I've always wanted to know the history and if anyone still owns it.

  9. Carolyn

    Great collection! I love all of these signs.

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