Foody weekend

I appear to have accidentally eaten my way around London this weekend! Micro-reviews follow…

It might be derided as a poncy hipster hangout, but Dalston Superstore serves a yummy eggs on toast with friendly non-pretentious service. Killed my Saturday morning hangover.

Bodega 50
Bodega 50Bodega 50
Delicious Monmouth coffee and baked goodies (and a sweet doggy, Bruce!) at new charming little Stoke Newington coffee shop Bodega 50. It doesn’t even have a sign yet, but find it on the corner of Allen Road and Shakespeare Walk, opposite the Shakespeare pub.

Hache burger
Crispy carby perfection: sweet potato frites and skin-on chips served in their fryer basket at Haché Burger, Camden (bloody remains of Josh’s burger in the background — I had a nice salad)

Homecooked Mexican food – paprika roasted sweet potatoes, corn and courgette flowers, handmade tortillas. Recipes from Mexican Food Made Simple

Olive bread
Homemade olive breadsticks, inspired by the one I had with my coffee at Bodega 50. Mine turned out more like olive bread lumps, but they taste yummy! Recipe post to follow…

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7 thoughts on “Foody weekend

  1. Hungry now!!! I want mexican food so much.

    I went to a vegan Thai buffet in Angel after I left yours – sorted out the hangover nicely (although I did it all again on Saturday night…)

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I've never really eaten Mexican food and definitely need to remedy this very soon!

  3. Hi, I am your reader since last year, but I have never wrote a comment.

    I like the photo of the breadsticks. I love olives. Mexican food is one my favourite food. The kitchen is veggie friendly and varied. Feels like you are on holiday while eating :-)

    Love from Germany

  4. insanely gorgeous photos and blog here. thanks for the sneaky peek from over the pond (i'm in canada!)…


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