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Foody weekend

I appear to have accidentally eaten my way around London this weekend! Micro-reviews follow…

It might be derided as a poncy hipster hangout, but Dalston Superstore serves a yummy eggs on toast with friendly non-pretentious service. Killed my Saturday morning hangover.

Bodega 50
Bodega 50Bodega 50
Delicious Monmouth coffee and baked goodies (and a sweet doggy, Bruce!) at new charming little Stoke Newington coffee shop Bodega 50. It doesn’t even have a sign yet, but find it on the corner of Allen Road and Shakespeare Walk, opposite the Shakespeare pub.

Hache burger
Crispy carby perfection: sweet potato frites and skin-on chips served in their fryer basket at Haché Burger, Camden (bloody remains of Josh’s burger in the background — I had a nice salad)

Homecooked Mexican food – paprika roasted sweet potatoes, corn and courgette flowers, handmade tortillas. Recipes from Mexican Food Made Simple

Olive bread
Homemade olive breadsticks, inspired by the one I had with my coffee at Bodega 50. Mine turned out more like olive bread lumps, but they taste yummy! Recipe post to follow…

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  1. tamsin

    Hungry now!!! I want mexican food so much.

    I went to a vegan Thai buffet in Angel after I left yours – sorted out the hangover nicely (although I did it all again on Saturday night…)

  2. Jessica

    Those breadsticks look great! Olive in bread is always a winner.

  3. basilexposition

    Wow! The home-cooked food (especially the bread) looks extremely impressive!

  4. mizhenka

    Everything looks so delicious! I've never really eaten Mexican food and definitely need to remedy this very soon!

  5. verhexteswesen

    Hi, I am your reader since last year, but I have never wrote a comment.

    I like the photo of the breadsticks. I love olives. Mexican food is one my favourite food. The kitchen is veggie friendly and varied. Feels like you are on holiday while eating :-)

    Love from Germany

  6. Hollowaiian

    Must try making bagels sometime. yours look v. professional. Have you read our blog?

  7. ana @ i made it so

    insanely gorgeous photos and blog here. thanks for the sneaky peek from over the pond (i'm in canada!)…


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