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Pretty seed packets

…never thought I’d use that subject line, but it’s true in this case, non?

From the fabulous Brooklyn-based Hickoree’s: making mundane goods desirable since, ah, whenever they opened up shop.

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  1. BODIE and FOU

    They are nice. I also liked the ones from RE we saw at Liberty on Wednesday… and it was nice to meet you that afternoon given that someone had told me to read your blog that same morning :-)

  2. Peg

    They look really pretty.

    They remind me of an age gone by.

    Peg x

  3. Jewellery Channel

    Lovely Pics!!

  4. julie digs design

    Hi Katie, this package design is very pretty and I like the vintage style!

  5. Julie

    enjoyed your site! i am an american vegetarian cat lover! lol…

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