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Moving photos

It’s official, animated GIFs are having a renaissance. Traditionally associated with cheesy sparkly graphics and silly memes, the new wave of giffers are turning the humble format into works of higher art.

Image: From Me to You

Image: IWDRM

Jamie Beck at From Me to You combines high-end editorial photography with subtle animation to intriguing and elegant effect (animation by Kevin Burg), dubbing the resulting images ‘cinemagraphs’. Meanwhile, tumblr-du-jour If we don’t, remember me takes vignettes from classic movies and seamlessly loops the frame.

It’s fun to make your own, as well! I did the one above using bits of this tutorial – but I used a series of photos taken on my camera’s burst mode instead of movie frames.

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  1. mizhenka

    These are so, so great (if a little creepy!)

    Love the one you put together of Yoni.

  2. Lady Cherry

    O am mesmerized and horrified at the same time..!

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