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Camera collection envy

John Kratz has quite an amazing camera collection, which he’s nicely photographed and shared on Flickr. Kind of a shame he admits he doesn’t use these cameras, but for pure aesthetic value they’re still a fantastic collection.

View the whole set on Flickr

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  1. Krystle & Felicity

    *drools* They look incredible! I love that the red Camflash 127 looks like a retro radio!

  2. Mrs M

    Woh! They are amazing to look at. I love the colours so much more interesting then the black and silver or the token pop of colour. I have been researching the Olympus you suggested the cheapest I have found is £379.00…may have to treat myself. Your pics are stunning…but its not all down to the camera (its the person behind the lense). Nice chatting on Sunday x

  3. a girl and her bird

    love that 'lady carefree' camera, amazing!

  4. Elizabeth@rosalilium

    Wowzers! That is a stunning collection of cameras.

    I have a lil collection of vintage cameras, but nowehere near in as great condition or unusual as these.

    Thanks for sharing!x

  5. Tom Gifford

    It reminds me of Tony Kemplen's project "52 Film Cameras in 52 Weeks". He buys random cameras and then tries each one out. I thought I was bad enough with 18 old cameras of my own but he make me feel almost restrained…

  6. amanda jane

    wow…what a great collection. I have to admit I'm a little envious! Beautiful!

  7. John Lewis Sales

    You seems to have interested in collecting antique camera's few of then are quite classy

  8. Oh wow! This makes my collection look tiny!

    Thank you for sharing, i can imagine I’ll lose a fair amount of time looking at all these :)

  9. Hi and thank you for featuring my collection!
    It’s true that I don’t use most of them, but it does make me feel good to know someone once did use them. I just love looking at them and being their caretaker.

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