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Carter’s steam fair

Carter's steam fair

I do look forward to when Carter’s Steam Fair rolls into town. A travelling funfair firmly inspired by Victorian sideshows and vintage attractions, it’s always a a feast for the eyes — but I’m far too scared to go on any of the rickety rides! I just amuse myself playing on the arcade machines, watching Josh in the shooting galley, and taking photos of all the dreamy retro signage. (Sorry for the slightly over-wrought ~vintage~ Photoshop grading effects, I couldn’t help myself.)

Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair
Carter's steam fair

A few more photos on Flickr.

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  1. KERRY

    Snap! A very similar post to mine today! I really like your pictures…and yes, they do lend themselves well to the grading effect :)

  2. KERRY

    I think we just commented at the same time!

  3. yesilikethat

    I went on the steam powered yachts and they were terrifying! The 8 year olds next to us were completely blase but I was screaming away. It was really fun though. Think once a year is enough.

  4. Siobhan

    It looks so fun! I want to go on the chair-o-plane! Love the colourful pictures too, so summery!

  5. grania

    i can't believe you've never been on any of the rides! i love them, probably in part because it feels like health and safety have gone out the window. seriously though, they are all very safe, and excellent fun. try the chair-o-planes as a first step. i love carter's – i've been going since i was tiny and still get completely overexcited whenever they roll into town.

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  7. Hi, may I know what lens and effect do you apply in those beautiful photos? :)
    I love your blog anyway!!

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