Quick links

garden cat

Just a quick lazy post of links – I’ve been sick for a few days so am catching up on the internets, and I’m off on a mini-holiday to North Devon for the long weekend. So you get a gratuitous cat photo and a bunch of links from my RSS feed!

But I have LOADS of exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks, including a shiny new blog design and new poster designs for the shop…

  • Brilliant vintage travel-inspired posters for Harry Potter (I LOVED the new – and final – film!)
  • Some great illustration graduate work from Kingston University
  • Google+ joke from The Oatmeal
  • Awesome robotically-controlled Sharpie illustrations
  • Loving Spencer Charles‘ retro-tinged design work
  • Fascinating article from We Made This on the origins of the original branding – cattle branding!
  • And another great article on idsgn about the pros and cons of the rising popularity of infographics
  • A bit of house porn. I’m a bit obsessed with wood-heavy indoor-outdoor spaces at the moment.
  • New tuneage from Dum Dum Girls and M83 in my ears.

    Back next week!

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