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I love London

An extremely sad and scary few days here in London (and the rest of England). Just a reminder, as if it was needed, of how beautiful this city really is. Photos I’ve taken over the last five years of living here:

London in August
London Fields
OM-10: Clissold Park
OM-10: sofa
walking in Hackney
OM-10: phone boxes
walking in Hackney
columbia road flowers
Canal gig
A. Gold
Sunny bank holiday
'Summer' screening
Adore & Endure



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  1. Lovely pics. It has been a strange few days. With all these pictures in the news of people smashing their neighbourhoods to bits, it’s good to be reminded that London is actually a lovely place to live most of the time. I used to walk past that ‘All that we see or seem…’ wall in my first year here all the time. Nice memories!

  2. This is a really lovely post and a gorgeous reminder of just how beautiful London is.

  3. Thanks for this beautiful reminder not to let the last few days ruin my love of the city.

    Florrie x

  4. Thank you Katie. Such an amazing and heartwarming load of piccies. These pictures are our true capital. x

  5. jools

    Just wanted to thank you for these beautiful reminders of why I choose to live here & raise my children here & not escape to the suburbs.

  6. Sarah

    lovely photographs, they just prove what an amazing city London really is!


  7. Great post thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.

  8. Jessie

    Thanks for those – beautiful and heartwarming

  9. Beautiful pictures, and great to be reminded of what a wonderful city we live in. I love the first photo of the buses through the rain.

  10. Some lovely canal photos in there! I don’t moor in the city but we visited by boat last week. I love London and the canals are some of the best bits!

  11. Lovely photos Katie. They remind me of how much I used to enjoy getting the train up to London for a day of adventuring!

  12. Thanks for this! The photos are beautiful and represent London well.

  13. The past few days have been both heartbreaking and heartwarming. But despite all of that, and after 10 years, I’m still completely in love with London. These stunning pictures remind me why.


  14. Your first picture is most fitting (├ánd beautiful)! Funny as it is, what WE heard on the radio was that your good old English weather (read as: the same rainy drab as here in Belgium) seems to have saved the day in London…

    I sure hope everything clears up, as you said: London really is a beautiful city, one of my favourites!

  15. Great post – and good idea too. There is far more good in London than bad.

  16. such gorgeous pictures, you really get an insight to the true side of london that you dont see either in tourist-y promotion sites, or in articles that are a tad on the negative side. I’ve always wanted to move to London, and this is making me want to even more!

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