Freelance, one week in..

Well, I’m one-and-a-half weeks in to working freelance now, and it’s been a little different to how I imagined in some ways. Here are some of my learnings…

Lazy new colleague

i) I’ve worked harder than I have in months (the cat has not helped at all, as you can see). This is partly down to exciting new projects and a renewed enthusiasm for what I’m doing, and partly down to a creepy sense of guilt whenever I do anything besides work during the day. I suppose that’s because there’s nothing to hide behind now – if I don’t do the work I need to, there’s no one else to blame or hide behind, and I won’t get paid. Unsurprisingly, that’s a pretty good motivator.

ii) I’m being much more disciplined than I thought I would be. I’ve been getting up at pretty much the same time as I used to, and I’m at my desk working by 9.30 until 6ish. I even worked on bank holiday Monday! But I need to get used to the idea that there will be quiet time too, and figure out how to use it productively.

My study and ‘mobile office’

iii) Working from home, it’s essential to have a proper desk chair, a coffee machine and a good internet connection (in that order). I also treated myself to a new (albeit refurbished) Macbook Air so I can work remotely and take it to meetings – it’s ever so light and pretty.

And check it out, my first piece of work has even gone live already:

The lovely folk at With Associates asked me to make a one-page design for their studio’s website, which changes every month as part of an ongoing experiment. The brief was completely open, which I think is every designer’s dream and nightmare rolled into one! All they asked was that is was colourful (no problem) and showcased some of their work and ethos.. oh, and I have one day to concept, design and write the whole thing, eek.

So I took a kind of crafty theme, and wrote some copy about how good digital work takes a lot of cues from traditional craftsmanship. I photographed and pasted in the ribbon to draw your eye down the page, and did some craft-inspired illustrations and some header type that looks like embroidery. Luckily they all really liked it! Have a look here.