8 thoughts on “Show your working

  1. I love this, your typography arrangement is so nice and simple. I really dig your style, wake me wish i worked much harder at my hand lettering, these days I am just so friggen lazy. lol

  2. I suspect I would probably prefer these lovely and lively, loose free hand drawn initial sketches to the finished artwork that will come from them. Even then finished arwork that starts from hand drawing like this will still have more life about it than one that does not. One of the things I love about Marescal is that everything he does starts with a drawing.

    Really nice work Katie

  3. Love your sketching, you’re so clever! Thanks for the tip about bamboo. I have a few balls but not managed to use it for anything yet. I’m keen to try some hemp as well, maybe something mad and rainbow coloured!

  4. I love your prints, they are always perfect! Beautiful colouring, gorgeous shapes and the dreamy lettering… just perfect!!! :)

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