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A little room rearrange

I gave my little home study-come-craft room a much-needed tidy up and rearrange recently. The space works so much better now!

my study

I ditched my old desk (it found a new home thanks to Gumtree) which was much too big for the room, and instead made my own with an Unto This Last custom-cut top and Ikea base unit and legs. I also got some rather sleek Ikea plan-chest type drawers to store all my prints for my shop.

my study
my study

My big wall o’ kitsch has expanded somewhat. I finally splurged on some String shelves (they’re on sale at Haus) to house my little camera collection. I was pleased to find that this DIY newb was able to install them quite easily in less than an hour. They’re even straight (thanks iPhone spirit level app), and feel pretty solid – good investment.

my study
my studymy study

In the future I might replace the day bed with a more space-efficient one – it holds a ton of stuff in the drawers underneath but it’s really bulky. Having said that, now that the room is organised better I love just hanging out in here with the cat watching TV on my iMac. It’s also the warmest room in the house right now!

my study

The crochet blanket is one of Yoni’s favourite nap spots

The next house jobs/purchases include replacing some light sockets, repainting the bathroom, a new bed and bedside tables, and getting the garden sorted out in time for warm weather. We’re doing a skill swap with a garden designer – website in exchange for garden design – and I’m really excited to have a lovely outdoor space for this summer. Is anyone else doing any new year home improvements?



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  1. Nice! Although I think you need a few more cameras …

    My mum has a fold-out knitting storage table thing just like that. Seeing it just gave me a big ol’ nostalgiaburst :)

  2. Kim

    Really love the string shelves, I’ve been looking at these shelves from ikea for our office

    DIY plans around here this year are pretty boringggg… need a new back door and the side of the house rendering. Far too practical!

  3. This post has got me really excited about getting started on our spare room (my ‘me’ room!), your desk looks gorgeous!

  4. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and you’ve completely inspired me to get around to organizing my craft room. I adore just about everything in your room, especially the kitsch wall and the lucky cat is just the cutest. Also that Harajuku Lovers bottle top is a firm favourite of mine.
    Alice xxx

  5. Your new desk looks awesome! I especially love the table top!

    And Yoni is too cute!

  6. Han

    Your house is gorgeous! you’ve done an amazing job! would love to have a place like that :)

  7. I love your cat! Your room looks great – is that Sanderson wallpaper? I’ve been eyeing that up on eBay and was wondering if it did look that good in the flesh. I would love a spare room like that. :)

  8. This makes me really want to sort out our back bedroom – we need to find a nice bedside table that can also double up as underwear storage as the guest room is also my dressing room. We can’t wait for spring either and to get outside in our garden! I want to grow some strawberries and courgettes again.

  9. iphone has a spirit level app? awesome!

    those shelves are great, I might have to pinterest them ;-)

  10. Lovely room/cat/shelves/crochet – very jealous! Moving house soon, hoping I’ll be able to use it as an opportunity to get my room just the way I want it.

  11. I just love your space. Just enough going on but not enough to make it look cluttered.

  12. Josefin

    Oh! Nice camera collection you have there! The little blue one, what kind of camera is that?

  13. Nancy

    Where did you get those adorable owls? I love owls and would love to have some of those!!

  14. Yay Harajuku Lovers perfume! I’m slowly posting about my own house projects- I’m a student in London so I specialise in furnishing my flat using only freebies:

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