The little prints: MOO giveaway

Business cards

The lovely folks at got in touch recently, asking if I’d like to share some of their printed products on here. Well, I’m already a happy Moo customer – I use their cute little Minicards to pop in with my Etsy orders – so I used the opportunity to get some of their newly-offered Luxe cards for my freelance design work, using a little monogram I made (which might feature in yet another blog redesign soon…)

Business cards
Business cards
Business cards

They’re a sexy thick 600gsm with a textured matte finish, sandwiched with a layer of coloured stock which gives the edges a lovely pop. The great thing about Moo is you can mix and match your designs at no extra cost, so I could try out a few colour options for my cards. I’m so pleased with them, they feel great and I’m looking forward to giving them out!


Giveaway – win one of three 40-packs of postcards! have kindly offered up some postcard packs for me to give away too. Three people will win a set of 40 printed postcards – you can either supply your own designs or receive a mix of some of my shop designs as seen above and below. They look damn cute, eh?


The competition is closed

Congrats to the winners Alice, Danielle and Kerri-Ann.

82 thoughts on “The little prints: MOO giveaway

  1. Your designs are gorgeous, but I think I’d print a set of some new motivational illustrations I’ve been working on to help populate my online shops with some lovely new stock :)

  2. I’ve been lusting over all of MOO’s goodies for a while now. My sister and I printed business cards for our business (not with MOO, whomp) and we are waiting for the day when they run out so we can use these guys instead!

    So I’d probably print something for our business!

    xo, Meghan

  3. Wow, they look great!
    I’m a photographer, and my degree show is coming up this year, so I’d probably print my photographs onto them to hand out at the show.

  4. What a great giveaway! I am attempting to start my own business so the cards with my own illustrations on would be such a great help!

  5. Moo’s mini-cards are indeed brilliant, though I’d love your postcard designs to keep in touch with friends the old-fashioned way – who wouldn’t want to find Wonder Cat in their morning post?!

  6. I Love the food poster (I’m vegan) and would definitely want that. As tempted as I am to dream of my own designs on postcards (blogging zombies perhaps?), I think if I won, the majority would be your designs.

  7. I love Moo cards! And your beautiful designs. But I’d actually use these to print some postcards of some photos I have, which I’d then use as creative writing stimulus in my English lessons. I’m training to be a teacher and have been wanting to print some postcards for ages!

  8. hi there katie, greetings from toronto! im a long time listener, first time caller…and would def love to have your prints as postcards for framing and mailing. cheers!

  9. As tempted as I am by a set of postcards of prints from your shop (I have your ‘food’ poster hung up in my kitchen!) I would have to get some of my own designs printed if I were so lucky to win. I’m a jewellery designer ( and i’ve got a couple of big craft fairs coming up, so a set of postcards with my own images on would come in very handy!

  10. I would go for your designs! They make me smile and I’m in a total design rut right now anyway. I know this is totally cheesy but I’ve been following your work for years (I believe I found you on Craftster, haha) and it would be amazing to have a little pack of your postcards :)

  11. Ideally I’d like a mixture of your designs and some more personal ones. Think I’d make a list of 40 far away friends/loved ones (there are too many people I like living far away) then use photos/drawings specific to those people. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a postcard has been delivered when leaving your house!

  12. I’d absolutely love to get these! I’d go for your designs, which I adore. I frequently use postcards as bookmarks and, of course, mail them to people and I’d love to have the chance to do that.

  13. oooo I was eyeing these up the other day. I can’t wait to order some. The packaging is lovely. Loving your new monogram too! I would probably get some postcards printed up with for my freelance business. Lovely stuff!

  14. Oh, I think I’d go for your designs- I love the tea one especially, and would love to send a care package to a friend based around it!

  15. These are awesome, something i’d definitely be keen to use. I would LOVE to win some! Your designs are gorgeous and i’d happily stick them all over my house, but I may use the opportunity to design my own set. Either a set of my travel photography captured over rural India, or more likely a set of fantasy illustrations I would create especially.
    Thanks! x

  16. Oh I’m so in love with these little beauties! The Printing Office one is probably my favourite, or the wonder cat, or the tea-mergency! Or all of them. And maybe I could even get some of my own ones.These would be so great gifts to send a friend as a care package with homemade cookies, homemade cake and nearly homemade cards.
    Thanks a lot to get the opportunity to win these!

  17. Hi I would love to win the postcards because I’m moving out soon and it would be a nice way to keep my parents posted on how I’m settling in my new house, your designs are lovely!

  18. i’d love the postcards with a selection of your designs, they’re lovely & would be great for brightening up my boring uni room! x

  19. Tough choice! I’d have to say get some of my work printed on them for my current project at uni as I’m too poor to buy more ink at the moment :)
    I’d also probably use a few for actually sending! My mum loves hanging my work up, isn’t that sappy? :P

  20. I’d probably get some postcard printed with artwork by by artist friends Tinsel Edwards and Twinkle Troughton who designed my website for me!I already get my business cards done by Moo too, they’re brilliant.

  21. Your designs are gorgeous. I work for a human rights organisation and we have a big music event coming up in 2012. I’d use them to create some limited edition flyers for that :-)

  22. I’d go for the prints of your work, I’ve been a fan of your stuff for 6+ years since you were a student, I love the progression of your work.

    Plus they’d perk up my shabby old houseshare bedroom, it needs cheering up and these would do just the trick!


  23. Hey Katie !
    Thanks for the giveaway ! Your cards and postcards look great ! Difficult choice between your designs and mine… I think I’ll go with mine : prints and patterns I’m working on at the moment with positive quotes.

  24. As an avid collector of postcards and admirer of your prints, I think I’d have to go for your designs. Moving into a new house soon and I have some empty postcard-sized frames crying out to be filled…

  25. I think I’d get a mixture of your designs and a few of my own, or is that a bit contrary?! I love your designs but think I’d also get a few photos of holidays and happy days. Then I can pop them in my diary and take a peek at them if I’m in need of a bit of a pick-me-up.

    Emily x

  26. OR i would make up a set of 60 Postcards to send to 60 of my mom’s dearest friends to write happy notes and send back to her for her 60th birthday!

  27. I would print out postcards of some of my patchwork quilts and cushions that I’m currently working on and post them to my friends… love your blog btw, congratulations!

  28. Fab giveaway! Moo postcards are lush. I’m a big fan of “proper post” & would love to have a postcard pack of some of your designs to send my friends. I already know who’d be getting the tea-themed ones! :)

  29. These are so lovely. If I won, I’d get them printed with small designs of the bespoke poster that will be designed by James Brown for the launch of the flicker club’s residency at Stoke Newington Town Hall in May!

  30. I am a big fan of moo mini cards too – so much more interesting than standard size cards and I love that you can mix up the designs.

    If I won I would love to use them to print a design I am working on for the thank you cards after our wedding in May :)

  31. I would get my boyfriends wonderful work printed on the postcards as he is an incredibly talented artist and I would love to share his work with more people!

  32. Oh how I love moo! And your designs are gorgeous :) But as I’m in the process of starting up my own business, I’d have to plump for some of my own images to spread the word…

  33. Oh, I love Moo! I get all my cards printed with them :) I would probably have to go with some of my own designs for this giveaway. PS – your luxe cards look fantastic!

  34. I’d love some postcards with your designs on, and I know I’ve a few friends who would love to receive one through the post too!

  35. Totally a tough choice since the designs are so fab, but as my degree show is coming up and I’m gonna have to start networking my way into a grown up job I’d have to get some of my own designs printed up! The quality of those looks amazing!!

  36. Hi Katie, massive fan of your blog and LOVE following what katie does…equally adore the postcards, what a treat! I would have to design a photographic series from a recent jolly to San Fran, it would make a great memory from such an inspirational trip….

  37. These are so gorgeous! I’d really love some business cards for my photography, but in this case I might get your CS Lewis quote printed. It’s so perfect :)

  38. What an awesome giveaway, I am forever buying new bits and bobs from Moo but I’d love a set of your postcards! I have the print with the CS Lewis quote/book/tea in my basket on Etsy waiting for payday tomorrow so I’d love to also have a postcard version (along with your other designs!) xxx

  39. I would love a few postcards or penguins, random i know but very cool. Who wants decorative when you can have penguins? idiots.

  40. Cute postcards! I’d love to win some of your post card prints. I’ve just moved from Australia to London so am looking for beautiful things to send home and these post cards tick all the boxes!

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