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Owl sketch screencast

I think it’s always fun to see people’s work in progress, so I took this screencast while I doodled an owl in Illustrator the other night. It’s speeded up 20x! Here’s the finished chappy:



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  1. That is so good! I really wish I could use illustrator – must learn!

  2. You make it look like a piece of (owl shaped) cake! I am Illustrator-phobic, but I know I really shouldn’t be. I think your owl has given me the little kick I need.

  3. Aimée

    So good to see how you take an illustration from start to finish. Can you recommend any good illustrator courses? I dabble, but I’m sure I could make better use of it if I learn a bit more! x

  4. Holy crap he’s cute!!
    You inspire me to play more with illustrator :)

  5. holy crap. i just had my mind blown!!!

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