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Snow Sunday

snowy Stokey

I’m not a cold weather lover, but a thick dusting of pretty snow definitely takes the edge off, hmm? Especially on a Sunday when there’s no need to go anywhere except a walk around the village for a coffee and to snap some photos.

It’s the first time Yoni’s seen snow since he’s been going outside, so it was pretty fun seeing his reaction. He had a nose around but has spent most of the day curled up inside – sensible kitty.

Snow cat
Snow cat
Snow cat
Snow cat
Snow cat
Snow cat



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  1. Oh your cat is adorable! Ones that colour are always some of the friendliest!

  2. So jealous! We have no snow here… gorgeous pics and your cat in snow is so cute! (Mine are indoor types and one hasn’t even noticed there is an outside yet… she’s 3!!)

  3. Pets in snow are the best :) My Mum’s dogs actually love the snow and run around madly in it and like to eat it…well they do say cats are cleverer than dogs.

  4. Han

    Beautiful pics of Yoni!! Awh!

  5. Wow, love these and his face! It looks like you look in a really lovely part of London, where abouts North is it? I need to move to London really but reluctant, however a village-y ombiance would appeal! xxx

  6. Gorgeous photos. Been loving the snow today. Glad Yoni came home safe and well, he’s such a cutie.

  7. These are so pretty! I wish it snowed here. All we got is freezing wind :(

  8. Ahhhhh Yoni is insanely adorable! He must have been so confused stepping around in the slush! :)

  9. I love the third pic down of Yoni “Oh Muuuuuuuuuuuum” Beauty.

  10. Aw Yoni is pretty darn cute – I want a cat so bad! Loving the suprised look.

    Also well done on finding snow dusted holly – very festive. Maybe a pic for next year’s Christmas cards even?

  11. Beautiful, and Yoni is the cutest!

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