Recipe: roasted vegetable lasagne

It was starting to feel like ages since I’d properly cooked anything – been really busy with work lately, plus another cat in the household = busy times! So I made sure to uphold Pasta Sunday this weekend, my mini-mission to try using my pasta machine for a different dish every week. So far we’ve had ravioli, tortellini and last week, tagliatelle with broccoli and cream (actually knocked up mid-week with some frozen unrolled dough, which works great):

This week I made a lasagne to use up some of the vegetables in the fridge. I’m getting speedier with the pasta machine each time, and the bonus of lasagne = no fiddly cutting or stuffing required. This was ready in under an hour from start to finish.

The thinness test – I can see the placemat through it!

This lasagne is really richly flavoured from the concentrated tomato sauce, charred veg and made extra-rich with the cheesy top. Josh (not a vegetarian) said it was one of the best lasagnes he’s eaten.

4 thoughts on “Recipe: roasted vegetable lasagne

  1. My golly goodness this looks A-MAZING. I’ve just had my supper and yet suddenly I’m hungry all over again… Good work! Haven’t made pasta for years but am inspired to now dust off the old pasta machine!

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