Chalkboard doodles

I’ve set myself a new little side-project: to practice my hand-lettering skillz by doing a drawing a day on the chalkboard in the kitchen.

I’m clearly no Dana Tanamatchi just yet, but it’s fun to practice. Follow the daily updates at A Chalkboard A Day.

Psst – if you’re reading in a reader, my blog has a new look – take a look!

8 thoughts on “Chalkboard doodles

  1. These are amazing and I love that chalkboard, where did you get it? I’ve actually been searching for a nice chalkboard for my kitchen for a few months and can’t find any that I have liked.

    1. It was from Ikea, but quite a while ago, I’m not sure they still do them. Why not buy some blackboard paint and make one – or paint a bit of wall?!

  2. I love that chalkboard too and have been looking for one for our kitchen. The new layout looks great :). How are you deciding what to write on it each day? I fear when I find one I like, it’ll just end up being home to a shopping list…

    1. I write whatever pops in my head, usually based on some letters I want to try drawing..! I used to use the board for shopping lists / menu planning too.

  3. I have really enjoyed your blog . . . Am reaching for paper embroidery at this very moment. . . Loved the chalk doodles as well. Your email address wouldn’t work for me so I hope I can get through the comment column . . . What a delight! Thank you!

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