New bathroom

Our new new bathroom is done! This is kind of the second renovation that this tiny room has seen. Here’s the very-before, during, and before:

Works in progress

We redid the room in a bit of a rush when we first moved in because it was so grim, and I still like the simple modern suite, slate floor and subway wall tiles that we picked. But the wall colour wasn’t a winner – too dark for a tiny, windowless space yet too light be an interesting dramatic statement – and the lighting was far too weak.

Post second-renovation it now looks like this:


This biggest change was replacing the lights from a dull central unit to six bright LED spotlights. This immediately brightened up the whole room, making it feel more hotel-luxe and less dank cave. I painted the bath panel to match the floor and gave the walls a coat of duck-egg blue, which I think works much better in the space. (Part of me still thinks it would’ve been cool to go nuts and paint it black though.)

Tub catBathroom

The only other new thing is the cute storage unit by the sink, which fits in nicely with the vintage-y and wooden accessories we already owned. Lila clearly likes it too: we can’t keep her out of the bath and sink!


Now I want to take baths all the time and enjoy it as a real room!

Suite: Aston Matthews
Storage unit: BHS
Tiles: Webtiles
Paint: Sanderson Spectrum Ocean Spray (walls) Farrow & Ball Down Pipe (bath)
Towels and bathmat: H&M home
Shelves: Made from worktop offcuts
Baskets: Muji
Picture frames: John Lewis
Medicine cabinet and spotlights: Wickes

16 thoughts on “New bathroom

  1. It looks really nice, I love that duck egg blue colour and you easily have the option to go for black in the future :) (Definitely hotel-luxe feel!) Looks like you have competition for the bath space though!

  2. I really like it. Agree the lighter blue works much better than the dark. I have been thinking of putting shelves above the loo – disappointed I don’t have cutoffs like you though. It will have to be an ikea number.

  3. Really love this update! The bhs cupboard is fab, might have to grab one myself. Thank you for inspiring me to add the finishing touches to our bathroom!

  4. Wow – I love the simplicity & yet it says so much! I can’t wait to move into a place with a bathtub. I’ve been in a flat now for 2 years that only has a shower…

  5. Beautiful – I love before and after pictures – especially when it is such a success!!! Love the H&M towels…and indeed EVERYTHING! ;-)

  6. Can I ask how did you do the bath panel. I can only find horrible glossy ones in the shops. Did you just use mdf? If so did you treat it/use special paint?

  7. nice job. Just googled “windowless bathroom,” since I am trying to redo my bathroom, and your bathroom stuck out in images results. Like the subway tiles.

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