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Retro library posters

I’m so smitten with this Flickr set of 1960s library posters, unearthed by a school librarian. They’re inspiring me to make some more book-themed prints!

RETRO POSTER - The Book Hunter

RETRO POSTER - Your Library Has Loads of Information
RETRO POSTER - The Encyclopedia
RETRO POSTER - Books are Arranged ...
RETRO POSTER - As the World Changes
RETRO POSTER - Good Books Will Satisfy Your Curiousity Too!
RETRO POSTER - Read More - Know More

More in the Flickr set.



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  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing. I particularly love the animals reading books!

  2. These are definitely so cool. It’s bringing back memories of things like card catalogues. Oh how I do miss a good library

  3. Hi Katie these are wonderful, my favourite is the book hunter. Good luck in your print project. Kindest regards Stuart

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