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Gratuitous cat update

You’ll be pleased to hear I’m done with Copenhagen posts now! Have some cat pictures for a change of pace. Your eyes do not deceive you: Yoni and Lila are nearly civil now. I don’t think they’ll ever be BFFs but at least they can coexist in the house together. I am very happy about this.





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  1. The second photograph is so precious. Beautiful cats!

  2. crazy cat lady comment: this post makes me want to get a friend for sabre.

  3. Super cute! I’m glad that they’re being more pleasant to each other now :)

  4. oh jezzz, i love your cats, those are so beautiful and sleep in sink just like mine! and this picture where they “kiss” oh <3 love love

  5. I very much enjoy the ‘cat in the sink’ shots.

  6. At least they’re decent toward each other now :) Happy household, happy momma

  7. I have nothing intelligent to say. Just…KITTIES! My God, I love cats.

  8. I’m glad they are slightly more pally now! The photo with the cat treats is really cute.

  9. What a couple of posers :)I love the photos in the basin. So cute.

  10. Oh my goodness, the nose bump! So sweet!

  11. Yoni licking his lips – too cute!

  12. Kate

    *pictures – on the first line

  13. Lovely. Everything is so cohesive. My husband and I are currently decorating our flat, and our tastes are so varied and all over the place – I’m very jealous of how perfectly pulled together your home is :)

    Could you tell me more about the frame in the first picture? Is it a hard clear frame? Do you know where you go it?

  14. Whoops, the above comment was meant for your latest post!

  15. Your cats are so lovely! My cousin’s cat sleeps in her sink and doesn’t move even when you turn the tap on. It just stays there for an easy bed to bath transition! x

  16. Awww, so happy to hear they’re civil now (and they sit closer together than my two ever do!) Also… love a cat in a sink picture!!!

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