That sports thing in London…

It’s funny to think that Voldesport is taking place right now in the same London borough as me, about three miles away. I heard the fireworks from the opening ceremony last night before I saw them on TV!

The spectacle of it all has left me pretty cold, but I have been enjoying getting into sport on my own little way: going for a morning run in the local park. It’s made much easier by how very beautiful it is, and the weather’s helping too.

8 thoughts on “That sports thing in London…

  1. I would probably run more if the location I ran in was that beautiful! And love that you called it Voldesport. I may have to steal that one

  2. lovely photos of Clissold Park. You’re the first person who’s not caught up in all the Olympic hype. Refreshing to hear, thank you.

  3. It’s hideous isn’t it? I also live about 3 miles away from it all. Lovely pictures, I’m too scared to run around my own local park…

  4. I love running around my local park too, it’s such a great start to the day. I agree with you on the Olympics too, I’m not at all caught up in it. And yes, would love to meet for lunch at some point! x

  5. I live no where near London so don’t have to put up with it on my doorstep. Just quietly watching from my TV. :) But I absolutely love going for runs too! Got a desserted walkway right where I live! Peaceful :)

  6. I really enjoyed the opening ceremony but wish it stopped right there. Getting to work has been an absolute nightmare :( Coming home to the suburbs of London and being able to go for walks without any hassle is a blessing though.

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