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Garden Party IPA

Beer label

Josh has been homebrewing beer for quite a while now – since I bought him this kit last Christmas. One early explosion disaster aside the brews have all been very tasty, and he’s quickly graduated from using a kit into buying individual malts and hops to make specific flavours and styles.

Beer labelBeer label
Beer label

For his latest one – a summery IPA – he let me design the label. I hand-drew the whole thing and just adjusted and coloured in Photoshop. I got them printed onto clear vinyl by the nice folks at Diginate.

Beer label

The brew was supposed to be a celebration of our new garden, but a lot of setbacks have meant that it’s still a work in progress… anyway, the labels came out nice and I’m looking forward to enjoying one in the garden when it’s finally finished. I just hope that summer isn’t quite over yet…



  1. Love the label – did you letter it yourself?

  2. These are lovely! What a cute idea!

  3. Those labels are AWESOME. I would buy a bottle (or six) :)

  4. Are you guys going to share the recipe?

  5. Josh

    Hi Shannon, you can find my rough recipe here:

  6. LOVE! why can’t every beer bottle look like this… Just checked out Diginate – they look like good people to know…

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