Giveaway! Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi

If you’ve been following my Instagrams recently you might have noticed (amongst the cats) a renewed enthusiasm for home-cooked dinners. The reason is that I got the new Ottolenghi book Jerusalem and I want to try making almost everything in it!

Written by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, who both grew up in the city, the book is a love letter to the city’s rich food history. From childhood favourites to street food and special occasion desserts, this book covers loads of different recipes as well as giving lots of little insights into the fascinating history and culture of the area. You’ll also find a few recipes from Ottolenghi’s new restaurant NOPI, like the stunning butternut-tahini dip. It’s probably two-thirds vegetarian – there are separate meat and fish chapters but the pulse, pastry and vegetable chapters are stuffed full of things I want to try. (Talking of stuffed, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to things stuffed into things. Oof.)

It’s beautifully designed and photographed as usual and while the recipes can be time-consuming, they are not particularly difficult to follow. Perfect for relaxed Sunday evening cooking. One frequent complaint of Ottolenghi recipes is that the ingredients are hard to find, but I haven’t found anything hard to track down yet – though handily I do live in an area full of middle-eastern shops. But if you don’t, Ottolenghi has opened a web store of ingredients so there’s no excuse!

Here are a few of the dishes I’ve made already. Griddled and roasted courgette and tomatoes, boreks, and chermoula aubergine with fried cauliflower. They’ve all been super tasty, though I do need to learn to not deviate from the recipe or just guess at quantities, because the balance of flavours can get a bit overpowering if not handled properly.

Since the publishing company gave me a review copy but I was geeky enough to have pre-ordered it, I’m giving away the spare copy, along with a promo tote bag, to one of you! To enter, just comment on this post telling me to your favourite cook book or recipe site. Get an extra entry by tweeting about the giveaway too – just hit the share link right at the top of the post. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday 23rd September. UK entrants only please.

The competition is finished, congrats to the winner, Jenny

64 thoughts on “Giveaway! Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi

  1. Yum yum! I already have ‘Plenty’ and love the recipes in there, it’s one of our go-to cook books. My favourite cook book (at the moment) has got to be Jamie’s America, I just can’t get enough of the vast cuisines he covers in there (from Jewish inspired food in New York to Mexican & Southern American influences in California).

  2. I really like Cooking With Rosie for the lovely chattiness of her writing and some fab recipes. But the one I use the most is my Good Housekeeping cookbook!

  3. I absolutely love Plenty and the self-title Ottolenghi cookbooks which have pride of place in my kitchen.

    I’m currently loving Appetite for Reduction ( and the writer also has a blog called the Post Punk Kitchen (

    I’m not vegan, but they are such great recipes, and you can vegetarian them up with some cheese.

    Also a big fan of as a go to for meal inspiration.

  4. utter fangirl moment, but it has to be ottolenghi when it comes to cookbooks. i could eat everything, ever. that said, i’m having a bit of a mexican moment & am loving tomasina miers’ mexican cooking made simple.

  5. Thanks to our new addition my current fave is Nick Coffer’s My Daddy Cooks.

    Loved Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem TV series. Have had this on my wishlist since seeing that.

  6. Wow it looks amazing!

    I have to confess, I’m a terrible cook and rely on my amazing partner to feed us both. He is a huge Ottolenghi fan who also spent many of his teenage years visiting his father in Jerusalem, a place really close to his heart, so this is going to be particularly exciting for him.

    Our favourite cookbook has to be the classic: Silver Spoon. A beast of a book, I think we could cook one recipe per day from it and it would take years to reach the back cover. From it we’ve discovered not just new, delicious things and perfected simple basics that have never tasted better:

  7. I’m a big fan of baking so I love the Peyton and Byrne British Baking Book for lovely classics. It’s also really nicely designed which makes using it so much more pleasurable!

  8. My go to site for recipes is always Joy the Baker, she makes amazing food. I also love The Smitten Kitchen. Total food porn!

    Bookwise I love British Baking by Oliver Peyton. Such a beautiful book.

    I’m taking myself on a trip to Ottolenghi tomorrow.

    Sophie x

  9. I must admit that the BBC Good Food is a really good source of info (good for different dietry requirements). I also have plenty of granny hand me down recipes which are fab – maybe I’ll make a book one day :D

  10. I’ve been tempted to get this book as my current favorite book is Plenty. Being a vegetarian, I’ve often found a lot of cooking books to be a bit uninspiring but Plenty has some really amazing dishes, so I’m hoping that Jerusalem follows that trend. My favorite recipe site is but then again I would say that considering that I made it! ;)

  11. Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals is my favourite as you can pull together a yummy meal even after a long day at work and a hellish commute. I really rate the tray baked chicken and the chocolate mousse :-)

  12. My favorite cookbook is my own, full of my family recipes dutifully copied into a lovely notepad.
    I don’t have that much space yet for all the books I would want so I get recipes from the beautiful Foodily website and from Marmiton website, simple food – great on a daily basis!

  13. I think, for me, it’s the amazing Maddhur Jaffrey’s Eastern Vegeterian cookbook. So much good stuff, you should get it! I love PLenty SO much but I have to agree that ingredients are hard to get hold of unless you’re in London. there’s been a few things that I’ve had to go to borough market on my lunch for and we’ve got various well stocked specialist shops here. still love it though, obv

  14. I love vegetarian cooking. I’ve never tried any Ottolenghi recepies before. A couple of my favourite cookery books at the moment are Miss Dahl’s voluptuous delights and Bill’s Cook Eat Smile by Bill Collison. Both books divide their recepies into seasons to make the most of seasonal produce.

  15. Just bought a Kenwood KMix and loving How to Make Bread by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou. Great bread recipes – easy to follow with lots of tips and great results. Plus it gives me an excuse to use my new mixer every other day.

  16. My favourite cookbook is also Nigel Slater’s Kitchen Diaries (vol I!) – I did consider trying to write something a bit more unusual as my favourite but honesty has won out; it really is a beautiful book to read and cook from. Nigella Lawson’s ‘How to Eat’ is another one I enjoy just reading.

  17. I’m a huge fan of Plenty, as well as The Cookbook, also by Ottolenghi so I’m super excited about this one.

    My favourite cookbooks at present are Tartine form the San Francisco bakery, or Healthy Food by Lesley Walters which has some really lovely ideas.

    I do also love Kitchen Diaries, but treat it more as a novel than a cook book!

  18. My favourite is Bake by Rachel Allen because all the recipes are so well tested, they are pretty much fool-proof. But I’ve loved pouring over the Ottolenghi books for ages (and lingeringly walking past his cafe in Angel..)

  19. The thing I love about this post is your enthusiasm for veggie food as portrayed by your photos which makes the food look so tempting.
    My favourite veggie recipe books are any from ‘Moosewood’ as recommended by my cousin in the States : great everyday & special occasion fair!!

  20. I’m another who relies on BBC Good Food for recipes. There seems to be a good selection there, and everything I’ve tried has been super tasty.
    Embarrassingly, I didn’t start cooking until a few years ago, because I was afraid I’d set the kitchen on fire, but I’m growing more confident and am looking to experiment a little more in the kitchen once I move.

  21. This is a tough question to answer as I have lots of favourites but my all time favourite to lose myself in for the delicious recipes and the beautiful photography is Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. It makes my heart sing and be so happy to be a Mummy and a lover of cooking!

  22. I’ve recently been inspired by Sara Forte’s book ‘Sprouted Kitchen’ – It’s a whole foods focused recipe book which encourages people to eat real food. Simple and yummy!

  23. I love Plenty so I’m very excited about your giveaway. My current go to book is ‘My Daddy Cooks’. It’s great to make these quick recipes with my wee one running around beside me.

  24. Hi Katie,
    My current favourite has to be 101 Cookbooks.
    Full of endlessly beautiful salads, comfort snacks and simple photography.

    Unfortunately, browsing during my lunch break always makes me realise that I must be more inventive and make something other than houmous, soup and rice cakes!


  25. My favourite cookbook is the River Cottage Family book because it is so incredibly sweet! All the recipes are written for children so that the whole family can cook together! Plus, it’s a brilliant collection of basic recipes; soda bread, pizza bread, meringues,flapjacks, brownies (er…you can see what I like doing!). It’s really brilliant. I know that there are other cookbooks that have more sophisticated recipes that are challenging and inspiring (“Plenty” anyone?) but I don’t know of any other cookbook that has moved me to tears (it’s so sweet…).

  26. Nigel Slater is the man! I love his Kitchen Diaries. Always inspirational, brilliant writing, gorgeous photos and everything works.

  27. I love the Great British Bake off cook book ! I think the recipes are brilliant and have fabulous ideas for tea party’s or just a relaxing day of baking ! Recipes are easy to follow and taste great .

  28. Ottolenghi’s ‘Plenty’ was a gift and one of the most used (and beautiful) cookbooks I own. But my favourite: Supernatural Everyday by Heidi Swanson. Amazing.

  29. I really want to try make that Borek. The last cookbook I bought was “Good to the Grain” by Kim Boyce. I haven’t made as many recipes as I should have but her buckwheat pear pancakes rocked! Blog wise I am addicted to them all (what got me started in reading blogs) – 101cookbooks, roost, etc. The usual suspects I suppose.

  30. Considering I’m dieting at the moment my fave cookbook is Appetite For Reduction by the woderful vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Lot of ethnic recipes, it’s a great book even if you don’t mind your weight that much.

  31. Although I’m not vegetarian it has to be River Cottage Veg Every day – I haven’t made a bad recipe from it yet and literally everything in it makes me drool

  32. My favourite cookbook has got to be Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Supercook – classic. Also crushing on my new The Art of French Baking.

  33. When I first set out on a mission to properly learn to cook I read all the reviews I could. They pointed to Leith’s vegetable bible. It’s an amazing book – some dishes are very easy sides and some are much harder. There’s a few things I love: dishes are ordered by vegetable type – from mushrooms, to peppers, etc. It’s all grouped by this rather than main course which is lovely and means when I’ve got a red pepper that needs using, I’ve been more likely to experiment. there’re just enough hard-to-find ingredients to make you hunt in new shops and places. It’s forced me to dive into Chinese shops nervously looking for things completely new to me. And lastly, it has no pictures – so I’ve been taking photos of each dish I make and sticking them in there as I go along – so I know why I’ve made and what I’ve yet to do. A very good book that’s caused a few adventures!

  34. Your Blog inspires me to try new recipes/food you Katie are a food inspiration as are all the Great British Bake off winners so far I’ve increased my baking skills 100 percent,also Nigel Slater he’s a superstar

  35. For online I love 101cookbooks and smitten kitchen, they are constantly inspiring. For day to day, what can I cook for dinner tonight, I always turn to bbcgoodfood. All time classic cookbook is my mum’s original 1970s delia’s how to cook. It’s one to be passed down for sure. Great comp and love the comments.

  36. I love Ottolenghi recepies and have been testing many from the Gurdian pages-always success and a treat for senses! To have a cookbook would be a dream…

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