Hot and cold, on tap

Okay, I don’t take many blog freebies but I couldn’t resist this one since it’s a house-y luxury I would have loved to buy but couldn’t afford when we were doing up the kitchen. The Virgin Pure is a new worktop ‘water bar’ that purifies your tap water and provides instant boiling or cool water on tap – as it were. The machine connects into your mains water supply so it never runs out or needs refilling – installation is quick and tidy.

The machine’s got some nifty features: you can set a daily wake-up timer, fix your glass and mug size to dispense just the right amount, and set your preferred hot and cold water temperatures. It has a built-in replaceable filter plus bacteria-killing UV lamp to make the water it dispenses super pure and tasty. Plus it looks kind of pretty too: it comes in loads of colours. I picked silver to blend into our grey tiles.

Virgin’s aim with this product is to get people drinking more pure water at home without having to buy bottled. This machine really does make tap water taste better, and I love that it’s perfectly chilled without needing ice, especially in this lovely late summer weather. The hot water function makes a lovely cuppa without any scum or limescale flakes, and makes boiling water for cooking super quick. Plus the homebrewing boyfriend is looking forward to trying to make a beer with filtered water becuse apparently it makes a superior brew *shrug*.

My only initial concern is its energy usage, but it does have standby and shut-down modes to save power, and only takes a few minutes to re-heat and cool when turned back on. I’ll update in a month or so with whether I’m drinking more water (and/or spending more on energy bills) as a result, but I love the Pure so far. Would you buy one?

Product supplied for review