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About the house 3

About the house
About the house

Finally, finally found the (nearly) perfect bedside table, after months of eBay saved searches and keeping eyes peeled at every vintage store and market. Simple, stylish, good storage, matches the other unit and the bed well. Welcome to the family.

About the house

I was asked to post an update about whether this gadget has changed our drinking habits – and look ma, no kettle. We get all our hot and cold water from the Virgin Pure now so it’s ben retired to the cupboard for the time being. I certainly drink more cold water from it rather than buy juice all the time, and the instant hot water for tea is starting to prove its worth at this time of year. Thumbs up.

About the house
About the house

Beer, beer, everywhere. Any tips for upright storage of beer? (Putting bottles on their side shakes up all the sediment, y’know.) Thinking an old soda crate maybe.

About the house

Vintage map of Japan

About the house
About the house

Cosy living room ready for winter



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  1. Love the bedside table! So suits. And complements the dresser/bookcase in the pic below really nicely too. Lovely!

  2. Oh I am so jealous of the Virgin Pure, we have a zip tap in work for instant hot water and filtered water and I drink so much water in work. I really wish I had one at home.

  3. globetrekker24

    Love your bed, can I ask where it’s from, been reading your blog months now and this is my first comment, keep up the great work !!

  4. Love the tray standing upright behind the bottles. Is that a vintage find? I’m fascinated by patterned trays and plates. Check out our large Chinese plates/bowls on the dining room wall (see website).

  5. You have a lovely house, and I really wish I could take photos like you do! Thanks for letting us have a snoop around…:-)

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