Autumn garden

Autumn garden

Sooo. We didn’t quite get the garden finished in time to enjoy any of summer in it. But at least I got a few plants in so it looks a little less bare over the winter, and we can really go to town next spring.

Autumn gardenAutumn garden
Autumn garden
Colour from a Japanese maple and pink heather

Autumn garden
Autumn garden

I planted some winter onions, which are just beginning to peep out. Going to try some garlic, too.

Autumn garden

Managed to get a few tiny chillies off my plant grown from Wahaca seeds.

Autumn garden

Handy herbs by the back door.

Garden cats

…If nothing else, it’s definitely the cat party garden.

11 thoughts on “Autumn garden

    1. Lila likes a nibble, but not to the point of destruction! I was careful to make sure everything was cat-safe just in case.

  1. Ha ha- I love the photo of the cats communing there. I love chilli plants – mine are on their second crop – but we overdid it on the eating front and I gave myself tummyache more than once! Well done for growing them from seed !

  2. We got some great chillies from our Wahaca seeds, apparently the warmer they are the bigger they grow -ours are super happy inside on the kitchen windowsill.

    1. Mine lived on the windowsill for a bit, but I popped them outside for the summer. I think they need to come back in now!

  3. I was just wondering if your beds are box beds laid on top of the paving? I have a really similar garden that I’m hoping to renovate and am trying to decide whether to pave the whole thing and put box beds on top or to do a square of paving and leave the original earth as a bed! Sorry if that makes no sense – my brain is not adjusting to winter very well.

    1. Hi Alice – we had existing beds around the edges there so it was just a case of re-paving what was paved before and adding a different border. The beds go right down to earth. I’d make them taller/deeper if you build on top of paving, and make sure you add drainage too!

  4. Thanks so much for replying, and I hope it’s not pushing my luck to ask one more question…did you do the paving yourself or hire someone to do it? And if you hired them, would you recommend them? I also live in Hackney so would love to hear if you found someone good/reliable/not ridiculously expensive!

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