Recipe: vegan Japanese tofu stew

This is such a great recipe for this time of year: warming, comforting and yet incredibly healthy. It’s basically a vegan Japanese take on a classic English beef stew, with gravy, melting potatoes and flavourful chunks of carrot and onion. Crispy tofu takes the place of beef, which acts like a sponge soaking up all the lovely liquor. I first got the recipe when I did my Japanese cooking course a couple of years ago, but I’ve adapted it a fair bit since then to suit my taste and store cupboard. Do try it, the flavours you get from so few simple ingredients is really surprising.

9 thoughts on “Recipe: vegan Japanese tofu stew

  1. absolutely love tofu – these days am oven baking it marinated to save on the frying. this looks delicious, sounds specially good with sticky rice x

  2. I’d never think to put some of this stuff together, even though some are my favourite foods, and it looks lovely! Sounds like I might actually be capable of making it too, which is always a plus!

  3. Made this last night and can vouch for it – so warming and hearty. I love tofu but never considered cooking it alongside potatoes for some reason; anyway, this was very very tasty and filling. Made a few tweaks – fried the veg off in sesame oil, baked the tofu instead of frying (lightly oil spray still gives the crispy coat without too much grease) and threw in lots of kale. Had it with quinoa. Printed this off now to keep in my recipe book!

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