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Urban Outfitters Home

I’m pleased to see that Urban Outfitters UK is taking a leaf out of the US’s book and adding more homewares to its range. Much of it is online only, but there’s a great selection of rugs, bedding, storage and knick-knacks. And isn’t the photo styling nice and enticing?

Rugs starting at just £12. I fancy a bright floral one to give some colour to my study.

Storage and shelving. How cute is that heart-shaped curio shelf and little retro record stand (which I nearly bought as a bedside table)? I hope they get more of the US furniture stock in because they have some great sideboards, coffee tables and sofas on there.

I really, really don’t need more cushions (I had to retire some the other day to actually fit myself on the sofa) but omg, kittens and foxes.

Love these neon letter lights, £40 each

Brilliant graphic duvet covers

Is anything on your wishlist?

Not a sponsored post, I just love this range!



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  1. Lovely stuff.

    I’ve had my eye on some of the Ohh Deer cushions for ages, and they’re £10 dearer from UO!

  2. James

    Nice stuff. But I feel I should point out that Urban Outfitters, though they have a carefully cultivated friendly hip image, they are still in the shark tank that is fashion retail, and there have been some less than pleasant news stories about them that might worry you as a “crafty”, e.g. this

    • Katie

      I’m more than aware of this – if you avoided every shop that had been accused of copyright theft (Topshop, M&S, Paperchase…) you would have nowhere left to shop on the high street. You can only hope they learn from their mistakes and move on.

  3. Kim

    I’ve always liked the homeware range from UO, definitely eyeing up that arrow head bedspread. Love the colour!

  4. Yes please, the heart shaped shelf, neon letters and blue duvet cover. I hope Father Christmas is listening.

  5. I’ve been eyeing up the stuff in their home range for a while – esp. the rugs. We have manky carpet in our rented flat so desperately need some! I love the cushions too.

  6. Yes – so pleased UO are doing more homeware here. The rugs and the bedding are especially great. Trying to decide which rug to get for my hallway now…

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